Can an introvert have a successful blog??

That question can only be answered by looking at how success is measured. I definitely don’t plan on making money here but writing consistently to better my craft is the goal. I’m definitely writing consistently but that’s for school and I doubt anyone wants to read a 9 page paper on freedom of speech besides my professor. With a little time management and motivation success is in my reach.



Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and so every time I try to compromise with God I resurrect my flesh, bringing death to a false sense of life, letting the essence of it’s being shift the paradigm of my worship until the primary focus is on me.
For I am idolizing myself when I try to recreate Gods will to fit the framework of my life and the cross that I have been called to take up has been dragging in the filth of my own desires.
And that saying “Oh but God” has been used in several circumstances to bring glory to the one who saves but I have used it so many times to begin to justify my disobedience.
For it has been made clear to me that compromise is disobedience and disobedience is sin and sin is separation from God. Therefor ignorance can not be blamed when I find myself lost in my own ways.
You see the enemy uses compromise as breadcrumbs to lead me down the path of destruction. And one by one the fruit of the spirit falls away leaving me barren and asking myself “How did I get here?!”
But the answer is evident for every downfall begins in compromise because it put cracks in the very foundation of my relationship with Christ. Allowing strongholds to enter into my life and squeeze out the little bit of righteousness that I had left.
Bu he is faithful when I am faithless, merciful and full of grace. So when I am ready to live my life according to His will and His will alone, He will draw near to me and reveal himself to me and bless me beyond all that I could ever ask or think. And in that there is no compromise.


I understand it’s been a while…

I barely just started and yet here I am explaining why I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks. SUMMER SCHOOL. What more is there to say really lol. I’ve had to poor my life into this crazy english class but let me tell you it’s the best class I’ve ever taken. My professor forces me to elevate my writing and my thinking in a way I never have before. It is the challenge I needed but was unaware of. I have one more week left and hopefully things will go back to normal. Love you guys.


To My Mother


I am always trying to make a good impression on you but I am pushed by life carrying its consequences on my back. I am forced to impress on you everything of myself and I pray to God you can still wrap your arms around me.
I hope you can understand that I am silenced by my character but when I smile I say I love you
When I hug I say I miss you,
And when I tell you you’re beautiful I tell you you’re beautiful.
I realize that I let the knots in my stomach formed by the uneasiness of closeness create a barrier between us. But I am trying to unravel them through the words I write on the straight lines of this paper.

Happy Birthday mom I love you

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The comment box is open for business!

I am so humbled by the support of my family and friends during this journey of mine. I will do my best to continue write every week to bring life to this page. My purpose here is to share with you all the gift I know God has blessed me with so I can be a blessing to all of you. Not every poem will be spiritual, as evident from today’s poem, but hopefully you guys will feel comfortable opening up a dialogue about whatever I post. I have a tendency to get pretty deep in my thoughts and I may lose some people along the way so pull me back to the surface if need be. Ask anything you wish, disagree, I’m open to it all.

Love you guys!!!

**SUNDAY POETRY IS NEXT** Another oldie but goodie